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diamond 130

The diamond 130 model is made following the design of the well-known diamond 100 machine.
This machine is equipped with a new 1300 mm brushes base with a powerful geared motor for each brush and also a new squeegee expressly designed for this model in order to provide even higher performances on the large areas and heavy cleaning situations.

The cleaning power, the comfort to acceed the brushes motors and a very easy maintenance makes the brushes base the main strength of the new diamond 130 machine.

The equipment includes also a strong AC traction wheel which combines great performances while driving over ramps to an easy maintenance, accordingly to the Adiatek’s will to always meet its customer needs.
Theoretical productivity: 9100 m2/h
Ride-on machine with traction
Ride-on machine with traction
Power supply 36V/500Ah
Power supply 36V/500Ah
Cleaning width 1300mm
Cleaning width 1300mm
Brushes pressure adjustable max.160kg
Brushes pressure adjustable max.160kg
Battery autonomy 5-7h
Battery autonomy 5-7h
Solution tank / recovery tank 235/250l
Solution tank / recovery tank 235/250l
Disc brushes 4x355mm
Disc brushes 4x355mm
Brushes speed 220rpm
Brushes speed 220rpm
Technical data
Squeegee width
1550 mm
Brushes motor
1920 Watt
Motion system
Maximum gradient
Suction motor
2x570 Watt
Suction vacuum
190 mbar
Machine length
2025 mm
Machine width
1400 mm
Machine height with rollbar
1685 mm
Machine height without rollbar
1330 mm
Machine weight w/o battery
620 kg
Traction motor
1400 Watt
Maximum forward speed
9 km/h
Batteries compartment length
640 mm
Batteries compartment width
655 mm
Batteries compartment height
530 mm
Protection level
<70 dB (A)
Brushes and pad holder
Material: PPL <br />Ø brush: 355 mm <br />Ø bristle: 0,6 mm <br />Cod: 48914030
Material: PPL
Ø brush: 355 mm
Ø bristle: 0,6 mm
Cod: 48914030
Material: PPL <br />Ø brush: 355 mm <br />Ø bristle:0,9 mm <br />Cod: 48914040
Material: PPL
Ø brush: 355 mm
Ø bristle:0,9 mm
Cod: 48914040
Material: Mix 5 <br />Ø disc: 355 mm <br />Cod: 48914060
Material: Mix 5
Ø disc: 355 mm
Cod: 48914060
Material: abrasive bristles <br />Ø brush: 355 mm <br />Ø :1,2 mm <br />Cod: 48914050
Material: abrasive bristles
Ø brush: 355 mm
Ø :1,2 mm
Cod: 48914050
Pad Holder
Pad holder cl green<br />Ø disc: 355 mm <br />Cod: 48803030
Pad holder cl green
Ø disc: 355 mm
Cod: 48803030
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