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Autonomous driving

R-Quartz 66

This model in fact provides the innovative possibility to work without the constant presence of the operator. Thanks to its two modes it is possible to perform the cleaning by repeating a route that was previously memorized by the machine, or to clean the inner area of a perimeter previously run by the operator. The lithium batteries autonomy allows to operate independently for more than 4 hours with just one change of the detergent solution.
The advanced technology developed for this model, combined with a 3D camera and two other types of sensors, allows R-Quartz to run completely safe during the cleaning operation by avoiding the obstacles, even the unexpected ones, and stopping when avoiding is not possible such as in proximity of walls or barriers.
From the handy 7’’ touchscreen display on the dashboard, to the other standard and autonomous functions, through the 3S and 3SD systems, it is possible to adjust the water and detergent carriage depending on the work that is needed to be carried out, in order to grant an environment friendly solution that also takes care of the operator money saving.
R-Quartz is equipped with the Telematics system in order to monitor the machine functions and its real yield, granting a real time control of the performances.
Theoretical productivity: 3425 m2/h
Ride-on machine with traction
Ride-on machine with traction
Power supply 24V/330Ah
Power supply 24V/330Ah
Cleaning width 685mm
Cleaning width 685mm
Brushes pressure adjustable max. 52kg
Brushes pressure adjustable max. 52kg
Battery autonomy 6h
Battery autonomy 6h
Solution tank / recovery tank 100/106l
Solution tank / recovery tank 100/106l
Disc brushes 2x355mm
Disc brushes 2x355mm
Brushes speed 160rpm
Brushes speed 160rpm
Technical data
Squeegee width
900 mm
Brushes motor
2x350 Watt
Maximum gradient
Suction motor
570 Watt
Suction vacuum
160 mbar
Detergent solution tank
7 l
Machine length
1634 mm
Machine width
922 mm
Machine height
1350 mm
Machine weight (with batteries Li)
370 kg
Traction motor
500 Watt
Maximum forward speed
4.5 km/h
Batteries compartment length x2
535 mm
Batteries compartment width x2
190 mm
Batteries compartment height x2
325 mm
Protection level
IP 23
Loudness Modality Standard
70 dB (A)
Loudness Modality “silence”
64 dB (A)
Loudness Modality “silence lev.2”
60 dB (A)
Brushes and pad holder
Material: PPL <br />Ø brush: 355 mm <br />Ø bristle: 0,6 mm <br />Cod: 48914030
Material: PPL
Ø brush: 355 mm
Ø bristle: 0,6 mm
Cod: 48914030
Material: PPL <br />Ø brush: 355 mm <br />Ø bristle: 0,9 mm <br />Cod: 48914040
Material: PPL
Ø brush: 355 mm
Ø bristle: 0,9 mm
Cod: 48914040
Material: Mix 5 <br />Ø brush: 355 mm <br />Cod: 48914060
Material: Mix 5
Ø brush: 355 mm
Cod: 48914060
Material: abrasive bristles <br />Ø brush: 355 mm <br />Ø bristle: 1,2 mm <br />Cod: 48914050
Material: abrasive bristles
Ø brush: 355 mm
Ø bristle: 1,2 mm
Cod: 48914050
Pad Holder
Pad holder cl green <br />Ø disc: 330 mm <br />Cod: 48803030
Pad holder cl green
Ø disc: 330 mm
Cod: 48803030
Equipment Standard equipment:
Lithium battery
Lithium battery
3SD system+
3SD system
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