Chem-Less System (Ozone)

Chem-Less System (Ozone)

Chem-Less System (Ozono)

Adiatek presents a range of machines equipped with an Ozone generator (O3) that, combined with water is able to clean the floor without the use of chemical detergents.
Furthermore, when the percentage of the Ozone in the water is such for which the oxide-reduction index is higher than 650mV, you obtain also disinfection.
These characteristics will get this machine range “Chem-less” to be particularly suitable where it is not sufficient to only “see” clean, but where the cleanness is a necessity, as for example in hospitals, nursing homes, daycare, kindergarten and so on.

What is ozone?
Ozone is a chemical compound from 3 oxygen atoms O3.
Ozone is known to the general public for its presence in the stratosphere limiting the sun’s UV-radiation.
What is less known is that ozone is an oxidant and also a very powerful disinfectant.
The traditional application:
• Disinfection of water (swimming pools, aquaria).
• Disinfection of food shelving and frozen sections.
• Disinfection of packaging.
• Disinfection of linen reduces the use of chemicals in the laundry soap.
• Disinfection of the skin (hands…).

The production of ozone:
Our generators make it possible to obtain a level of red-ox of 750mV and more.
The decontamination action is effective above 600mV.

The advantages:
• The ozone generator is not consuming any chemical:
- None polluted dirt water
- None packaging
• The O3-system stays active in a wide pallet pH-values.

The Ozone System (Chem-Less System) of Adiatek:
The Ozone generator is inside a box fixed in the rear part of the machine, from which a hose (1) containing Ozone gas comes out.
Contemporarily from the tank water comes out that through the hose (2) goes to the mixer.
From this moment water and Ozone mix themselves and through the hose (3) arrive to the brushes.
The Ozone mixes itself with the water “instantly” and therefore the generator produces Ozone only when it is necessary, that is when the solution descends onto the brushes.
When the machine is stopped, also the Ozone production will stop and therefore there will not be any Ozone dispersion in the environment.

The result:
We have carried out a number of tests in a specialized laboratory confirming the effectiveness of the O3-System for disinfection (bactericide, anti-germ).
We reach this effectiveness not only when using the machine but also afterwards.
Bacteria and germs develop at a much slower rate in the hours following the treatment.

Safety norms:
3 The generators are calibrated so that they produce max. 50μg/m of OZONE.
This means that, they are largely under need of the safety norms, concerning
3 the air quality during work (120μg/m ).

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