Companies in history

The ability to build a team is something precious that have hence to be commended. That is the choice that Afidamp made by appointing the honorary title of senior associate to the companies that, through the years, accompanied the association since its foundation.
“The motivation that lead us to set up this prize –said Bruno Ferrarese, President of AfidampFAB- was the will to acknowledge the value of the continuity and express gratitude towards those Companies which believed in the Afidamp adventure and that have had the capacity to look far. Without those companies, which are also founders, our association would not exist. Afidamp grew with them and created a value, becoming the benchmark in our industry contributing to its growth and making it familiar to people that ignored its existence”.
“This dive into the past was instructive and exciting –moments like these makes the most human side of doing business emerge. Entrepreneurship is made of people, with their projects, dreams and the baggage of memories and experiences that they are carrying. People that in this situation have contributed to the success of this industry in our country and that, from some decades, are bringing welfare and work on their territory”. - Internet Partner