Pulire 2005 Innovation Award

2005 edition of Pulire Exhibition that took place in Verona

In 2005 at the Pulire Exhibition, the largest fair regarding the professional cleaning, Adiatek got awarded with the "Innovation Prize" for the presentation of the Walk-Behind Amber Machine.

The ergonomic solutions of this scrubber, its maneuverability thanks to the balance betwwen its weights and a new and original handle with simple controls make the Amber a high performances floor cleaning machine, perfect for large areas and surfaces hard to clean.

The first innovation on this machine is represented by the squeegee lifting system; it is indeed the first walk behind machine with an hydraulic squeegee lifting system. The scrubber is provided with a mechanical system to adjust the pressure on the brush base which can vary from 45kg to 80kg. The adjustment is continuous and precise as for every round of the knob there is a variation of 1kg. The up movement of the brush base is gotten through a manually operated pump which works on a hydraulic piston; the run and the stress applied on the lever were studied to remain under the values imposed by the regulations. The downward movement of the brush base is instead run by a lever on the dashboard easy to adjust.

The suction system is the second innovation of the machine. The patentend innvation is made of a high density polyethylene casing with rotational technology. The particular geometries of the casing allow it to reduce significantly the noise that comes from the suction fan without reducing the air flow, it indeed support the air flow separating it from the cooling air for the motor. The casing included the motor can be also disassembled without using tools in order to replace them easily. The design and the particular patented elliptical shape are the third innovation; these conceptions were developed through the following properties:
  • "resistant" to the pressure due to the weight of the water;
  • "inclinabie" in different ways following the dimensions of the various models of the floor cleaning machines;
  • "recognizable" even if integrated with other supporting volumes.

These features were a valid choice since the beginning, even if brave compared to the ones of the market competitors. A design was created, valid for whole range of Adiatek floor cleaning machines.

Today, 10 years after its birth, Amber remains a current and innovative machine.
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