ruby 45 / 45t

ruby 45 / 45t
Theoretical working capacity: 1575 / 1800 m2/h
It is a battery driven floor cleaning machine with a two-brushes brush base and a working width of 45cm
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Walk behind machine with or without traction Walk behind machine with or without traction
Power supply 24V/110Ah Power supply 24V/110Ah
Cleaning width 450mm Cleaning width 450mm
Brushes pressure adjustable max.22,5kg Brushes pressure adjustable max.22,5kg
Battery autonomy 2-4h Battery autonomy 2-4h
Solution tank / recovery tank 40/45 l Solution tank / recovery tank 40/45 l
Disc brushes 2x235mm Disc brushes 2x235mm
Brushes speed 350rpm Brushes speed 350rpm

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It is a floor cleaning machine provided with a two counterrotating brushes brush base with a cleaning width of di 45 cm. The two models differ from each other for the presence of the electric traction system.

The weight applied on the brushes is adjustable by the operator depending on the type of floors to clean.

In the traction version it is possible to adjust the brushes angle in order to have them also helping the traction.
Thanks to its strong structure, the easy maintenance and the simple controls, working with Ruby becomes very simple having also a hight cleaning quality.

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- Squeegee width: 770 mm
- Brushes motor: 420 Watt
- Motion system: 45: semiautomatic
45t: automatic
- Maximum gradient: 2%
- Suction motor: 570 Watt
- Suction vacuum: 120 mbar
- Machine dimensions: L: 1102 mm
W: 527 mm
H: 1053 mm
- Machine weight w/o battery: 45: 71 kg
45t: 81 kg
- Traction motor 45t: 120 Watt
- Movement speed 45t: 4 km/h
- Battery compartment: L: 350 mm
W: 342 mm
H: 295 mm
- Class: III
- Protection level: IP 23
- Loudness: 45: 67.3 dB (A)
45t: 67.6 dB (A)

Quick guide

There you can download the machine’s quick guide.
We always recommend to read the complete Use&Maintenance manual.
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Use & Maintenance manual

There you can download the Use & Maintenance manual.
Use & Maintenance_IT

Use & Maintenance_EN

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