"Solution Saving System Dispenser" (3SD)

"Solution Saving System Dispenser" (3SD)
3SD “Solution Saving System Dispenser”

This new 3SD “Solution Saving System Dispenser”, developed by Adiatek, helps to protect the environment by preventing waste of such an important resource like water, excess detergent dispersion and also improves operational performance.
The system consists of a double hydraulic circuit, one for water and one for detergent, each equipped with its own pump.
The detergent solution is kept in an 8-liter tank located in the front part of the scrubber.
A single push-button on the dashboard will show on the display the percentage of detergent being used.
Six different detergent/water percentage settings can be chosen (stored even when the machine is off).
This percentage always remains constant no matter what the water flow rate is.
Water flow can be adjusted by a switch to eight different values.
Water is always, however, supplied in proportion to the speed of the machine.
This keeps the liter/m2 ratio constant (liters of detergent solution per square meter of washed floor).
This prevents useless waste of water when reducing speed to make a curve or when traveling a difficult path.
At the same time it improves drying because the squeegee always collects the same quantity of solution.
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