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onyx 43b Li

The great tank capacity added to the reduced external dimensions allows the machine to have both a big working autonomy and the possibility to work also in very small environments.
The recovery tank can be drained using the appropriate exhaust hose.
The distinctive element is represented by the squeegee as its system allows it to rotate completely, both right and left, enabling the drying even during reverse movements.
This version is equipped with a 40Ah5 lithium battery that makes possible for the machine to ensure an operating time of more than one hour and a half in normal working conditions.
Thanks to the very low self-discharge level also the safety related problems are reduced even when it is not possible to promptly charge the battery.
The battery also ensure more than 1000 charging cycles which, in our situation, could be close to the lifespan of the machine itself.
Moreover, this lithium battery ensures a weight reduction of more than 20kg compared to the standard onyx 43b machine.
Theoretical productivity: 1500 m2/h
Walk behind machine without traction
Walk behind machine without traction
Power supply 24V/40Ah5
Power supply 24V/40Ah5
Cleaning width 430mm
Cleaning width 430mm
Brushes pressure 35kg
Brushes pressure 35kg
Battery autonomy 105min
Battery autonomy 105min
Solution tank / recovery tank 23/23l
Solution tank / recovery tank 23/23l
Disc brush 1x430mm
Disc brush 1x430mm
Brushes speed 150rpm
Brushes speed 150rpm
Technical data
Squeegee width
510 mm
Brushes motor
450 Watt
Motion system
Maximum gradient
Suction motor
300 Watt
Suction vacuum
82 mbar
Machine length
793 mm
Machine width
480 mm
Machine height
600 mm
Machine weight (with batteries Li)
65 kg
Batteries compartment length
207 mm
Batteries compartment width
346 mm
Batteries compartment height
210 mm
Protection level
IP 23
<70 dB (A)
Brushes and pad holder
Material: PPL <br />Ø brush: 430 mm <br />Ø bristle:0,6 mm <br />Cod: 48903120
Material: PPL
Ø brush: 430 mm
Ø bristle:0,6 mm
Cod: 48903120
Material: PPL <br />Ø brush: 430 mm <br />Ø bristle:0,9 mm <br />Cod: 48903130
Material: PPL
Ø brush: 430 mm
Ø bristle:0,9 mm
Cod: 48903130
Material: Mix 5 <br />Ø disc: 430 mm <br />Cod: 48903150
Material: Mix 5
Ø disc: 430 mm
Cod: 48903150
Material: abrasive bristles <br />Ø brush: 430 mm <br />Ø :1,2 mm <br />Cod: 48903140
Material: abrasive bristles
Ø brush: 430 mm
Ø :1,2 mm
Cod: 48903140
Pad Holder
Pad holder<br />Ø disc: 425 mm <br />Cod: 48803020
Pad holder
Ø disc: 425 mm
Cod: 48803020
Pad holder cl green<br />Ø disc: 425 mm <br />Cod: 48803050
Pad holder cl green
Ø disc: 425 mm
Cod: 48803050
Splash guard onyx 43
Splash guard onyx 43
Elastic for onyx
Elastic for onyx
Hose water load
Hose water load
Equipment Standard equipment:
Lithium battery
Lithium battery
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