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Adiatek launch a new industrial cleaning column!

We are really excited to announce that this year we are bringing out a series of articles focused on industrial cleaning, ‘Clean Talk’!

Throughout the year, on the second and fourth Thursday of each month we will be posting a new article of ‘Clean Talk’. Each issue will discuss the latest developments and topics in our industry, which we simply like to call a ‘clean discussion’. We will share our views in a clear and direct way.

We all know the importance of cleaning and now more than ever, and that is why we felt the need to get involved. We want to create a place where operators are able to share their perspectives and opinions on the current environmental and economic issues that are affecting our every day lives.

Popular topics will include, technology, innovation and how automation is changing the way we work as well as the role of operators. We will also look at how cleaning operations can be made more sustainable or not. We will also consider issues related to the current water crisis...just to get started!

We are also delighted to share with you our own unique logo to mark the occasion which symbolises the connection between human contact, the digital age and the cleaning industry. Tell us what you think!

It is no coincidence we have decided to start this initiative in 2023 as it marks the twentieth anniversary of Adiatek. This project represents the core values of our mission and how people inspire innovative change with business and ethics.

Adiatek has always taken pride in the human aspect of work as well as its impact on the environment and technology has been the very essence of our DNA ever since we produced our first industrial floor cleaner. Our customers needs are at the heart of what we do and our products are designed to help professionals clean more efficiently by optimising time and costs.

We would love to hear your feedback about this initiative by opening up a constructive debate together that will make our industry even more aware of its values and how we can make a positive contribution to our society.

We can’t wait to share with you our thoughts and opinions in the very first issue of ‘Clean talk’, which will be released on Thursday 23th February.