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And it's 20!

20 years of Adiatek. 20 years dedicated to professional cleaning for the benefit of people and the environment

And it
“Just as a luxurious carpet stems first from
a single strand of wool and is gradually joined by others,
entwining into a multitude of intricate patterns until
it becomes a wonderful work of art,
Adiatek was sparked by an idea and built on an ethos that,
combined with passion, hard work,
perseverance and ambition,
has become what we have today

Gian Paolo Accadia, Director General Adiatek
Adiatek celebrates 20 years of business. It all began with a technical spirit: the decision to leverage skills and experience in the professional-cleaning sector and a need to experiment and innovate through technology.
This technical spirit entered the market with a clear intention to deliver solutions and meet customer requirements.
It all took place in a rapidly evolving market in the midst of an economic and social landscape that posed numerous challenges.

It is important for us to remember where we started out because it helps us to decide exactly where we are going. And what better person could there be than our Director General Gian Paolo Accadia to retrace the first 20 years of Adiatek with us?
What you are about to read is not just a story of love for a chosen profession, but also about responsibly aware business choices and a conscious decision to strive constantly to be better.
Stories like this perfectly exemplify how doing business is no mere manufacturing of objects, but first and foremost it means sparking virtuous circles and solving problems, fostering the well-being of people and environment.

What is Adiatek’s strength? What values does it sink its roots in?

And it
Adiatek stems from thirty years’ experience (1974-2003) of a technical team specialised in the professional-cleaning sector. The mainstays of this group were the members of the Accadia family (Domenico, Gian Paolo and Giliola), Mr Rigo and Mr Facchin (who then left in 2012).

Later on, the company was joined by Mr Laclie who today acts as Sales Director. This new set-up helped us to achieve international success and phenomenal growth in a short period of time while remaining firmly anchored in our original values and retaining our skill set and considerable experience.

Adiatek's greatest asset has always been a desire to understand its customers’ requests and see them through properly and to the end. Indeed, Adiatek's advisory service is an essential way to identify the best solution for the customers’ needs and create a product that is perfectly personalised in technical and aesthetic terms.

Furthermore, a chain of loyal trustworthy suppliers allows us to respect and maintain the reliability and Italian-quality warranties that we have issued since our inception and also means that the product we provide is increasingly comprehensive and effective.
We also want to be a gold standard with products that ensure the welfare of people and the environment and we do this by producing highly-efficient floor scrubbing machines with an exclusive and instantly-recognisable design. Our research & development team works relentlessly to create new models and improve the existing product range by developing innovative and sustainable projects.
Last but not least, Adiatek's success is underpinned by the People who work there. It has been their competence, perseverance and ambition that has enabled the company to pursue and achieve its objectives. We will be endlessly grateful to each and every one of them.

When you embarked on this adventure, did you expect Adiatek to become the company it is today?

And it
We never imagined it would all evolve so quickly. The first production line was set up in 2004, a few months after the company was founded. We had carried out an in-depth study into the product and looked at the possibility of investing funds into research & development. At the time, we had the odd floor scrubbing machine, few employees, a small plant and a small number of customers. But, within the next few years, we had to buy a new production site, which we then extended, to cope with the development of new models, burgeoning demand for our products and strong growth abroad.
Today there are over 70 people on our payroll, a production site occupying 4,000 sq. m. and we have produced almost 90,000 machines: incredible but true, and in record time!

What has Adiatek brought to the market with its technologies? How has this Company contributed to improve its sector?

Our mission is to promote the welfare of people and the environment by investing in innovative sustainable projects and technologies.
We make machinery for the professional-cleaning sector and we can contribute to and create value for our segment through our products.
We try to protect the environment with our technologies, to reduce waste and make people's work easier.

For instance, the Solution Saving System (3S) and Saving System Dispenser (3SD) systems allow you to control your usage of water and detergent with consumption savings of up to 40%.
On the other hand, the Ozone (O3) system thoroughly cleans and sanitises environments without the use of chemical detergents: during the Covid health emergency, this system proved to be a precious ally and ensured high levels of cleanliness and safety. Through these technologies, we strive to minimise the environmental impact of our products while raising awareness amongst our customer base with solutions that are eco-friendly.

We also invest in technological and digital innovation, such as the Telematics monitoring system which delivers reliable verifiable data (about the product, service and management) to be shared with our customers. This enables us to pinpoint problems, act without delay, keep down repair costs, troubleshoot for faults arising from misuse and encourage predictive maintenance.

Last but not least, we began to work with an international company called Muratec Murata Machinery (MMM) a few years ago and we are in the process of developing R-Quartz, a floor scrubbing machine that simultaneously offers the option of a traditional and self-drive mode. It offers significant advantages to heavy industry in terms of functionality, reliability and lower costs: Indeed, R-Quartz knows how to learn and memorise its route and features safety systems that adapt its behaviour to the environment, guaranteeing greater efficiency and productivity.

How has the cleaning market changed over the past two decades?

Over the last few years, the cleaning market has been swept by a wave of immense innovation, also due to the need to find solutions to the Coronavirus pandemic: a desire for high standards of cleanliness and hygiene has stuck and businesses must adapt in order to deliver on this. At the same time, new trends have developed recently: sustainability, digitalisation and technology.

The future lies in automation, integrated services, remote diagnostics and optimised processes because this will all contain costs and contribute to sustainability. For instance, remote diagnostics will provide a great many advantages, from reducing the need for inspections, lowering travelling costs and avoiding unnecessary trips. This is why we created the Telematics system. It allows you to understand in real time the operational status and functional quality of the machine via any kind of electronic device which considerably reduces repair work and makes it easy to schedule targeted assistance.

On the other hand, we must not underestimate the importance of the way in which customers’ attitudes have evolved over the past few years and to what extent their purchasing choices have changed. Customers have become increasingly selective and interested in buying products whose impact on the environment is limited due to modern awareness of circular economy and innovation.

What lies in Adiatek's future?

And it
As we intend to keep on growing as a company, we aim to consolidate and further strengthen our position on the market by reinforcing our financial situation, boosting the operational efficiency of processes and paying greater attention to our customers’ needs. Over the next few years, the company also intends to continue pursuing an international growth strategy. We already have stable sales outlets on each continent, but we expect further expansion on markets which could have great potential relevance. In this regard, we wish to search out and retain major distributors from other nations with long-standing experience in the professional-cleaning sector so as to achieve important results together.

In order to meet these targets, we continue to improve our product range so as to satisfy our customers’ requests. In addition to strengthening our position on the market of floor-scrubbing machines with innovative enhanced models, we are also breaking onto the market of floor-sweeping machines and in order to stand apart from the rest we have worked on size, ease of use and ergonomics.

Last but not least, we believe it is essential to make further investments into bettering company personnel in order to facilitate the development of new projects and introduce innovative processes. In keeping with the company mission, this would allow us to create new product models, bolster skill sets and technical abilities as well as continuing to pursue our targets of growth and expansion. The aim of acquiring new resources is to guarantee business continuity over the next few years; as a company, we will have to deal with a change from one generation to another one and therefore, it will be necessary to start training in-house managers and have them shadowed by the current management so as to make sure that the company continues to be run smoothly.

When you look back over the last 20 years, is there anything you would have done differently? If so, what?

And it
I think that everything that has happened over the past few years, every mistake, decision, hitch and success has contributed to make Adiatek the company it is today. We are proud of our experience and skills and we must now look to the future with all our customary dedication, enthusiasm and passion.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to open a company today in the professional-cleaning sector?

My advice is valid all round, regardless of the sector. If you want to create a company, you must cultivate the right amount of determination and a healthy degree of ambition as well as having unwavering interest in what you will be doing. It is not a good idea to focus on products only because the whole corporate management process requires great dedication and an impassioned approach. I also believe that a good businessman should have the ability to generate energy for themselves and for others. Surrounding themselves with motivated team of employees and collaborators with whom they can share a clear vision will allow them to achieve extraordinary objectives that everyone can be proud of while feeling part of the same game.