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Trends and impressions from the CMS Exhibition in Berlin

From the 19th to the 22nd of September we attended the CMS in Berlin, one of the biggest international exhibition dedicated to the cleaning world.
It was definitely a positive experience, and we want to tell you how it went.
Trends and impressions from the CMS Exhibition in Berlin

Industry trends: 4 focus from Berlin

What is the cleaning market searching for? What are the operators asking for? From what is attracted, interested, curious about, every professional of the industrial cleaning?
At CMS we managed to answer all these questions, the public was indeed highly interested into making business and getting informed.

We mainly found 4 focuses:

1 - Robotics

Robotics is surely a huge trend right now; it is in a transversal way and the cleaning sector makes no exceptions.
Practically, all the main producers have a range of proposals for the automatized robotic cleaning. What we saw is that, in order to distinguish themselves from the others, some companies started to move towards the benefits of the charging station for autonomous scrubber.
We thought about it too, and we are quite skeptical regarding this it really a benefit?
This is the topic of the next focus!
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2 - Lithium

With the exception of some specific applications, the machineries dedicated to the cleaning, are electric powered. Among the several power-supply options, the one getting most interest is the lithium battery: innovative and performing, it keeps being object of innovation, studies, and upgrades.
Lithium battery is safe, lighter, and compact, compared to the other battery types, allowing engineers to design more efficient and agile machines around them. It is also easier to manage as, not needing a particular maintenance, allows also partial chargers and does not need dedicated areas for the charge. This battery is indicated also for the machines destinated to be rented as it makes them more resistant and controllable.

3 - Eco green

The interest towards ecologic cleaning technologies is surely moved by the search for a consumptions and costs reduction, as well as an environment sensibility.
Many scrubbers producers are proposing recycling systems as an eco-green solution, equipping their machines with filters in order to use the same water many times.
We, instead, prefer to target the concept of using the right amount of water and detergent, the one indicated for the environment to clean (for this purpose we designed the 3SD system to set the right dosage), which makes the operations more efficient and avoids wastes. Alternatively, we propose also the ozone system, to reach optimal cleaning levels without the use of chemicals, for example in particular situation where trampling has to be cleaned.

4 - Telemetry

The market is very interested in the Telemetry systems, not mainly to monitor the work but to optimize it.
In fact, the Telemetry systems permit to gather the data related to the work carried from which elaborate procedures that allow to work better, more efficiently by computerizing the cleaning processes
Thanks to the Telemetry it is possible to operate using or avoiding downtimes on the site, making predictive maintenance operations and monitor the machine and its operativity.

Adiatek at CMS in Berlin

This was our first direct participation at the Berlin’s CMS.
We were there with a numerous staff and with our classic stand that (we got this confirmation right at CMS!) makes us recognizable to the market and the cleaning operators.
Trends and impressions from the CMS Exhibition in Berlin
The organization was impeccable: precise times, no inconveniences, perfect installations without errors or oversights.
The exhibition was developed on 6 halls, many interesting things to see even though, we did not catch particular news compared to the last ISSA Pulire exhibition that took place a few months ago in Milan.

We recorded a huge attention towards the technologies we proposed, many were interested and in search for technical info regarding our products.
For the exposition we brought a selection of models representative of our range of machines: R-Quartz 66 and 80, Baby 43, Opal 66; Coral 65 II, Topaz 90 (all equipped with lithium batteries, except for the Topaz 90).
Our experience was surely positive from every point of view and surely, we will be back for the next CMS edition…date is already out: from to the 23rd to the 26th of 2025, in Berlin!