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Clean Water, Clear Conscience: Purify water from chemicals used in professional cleaning

Water, the elixir of life, is essential to life on the planet. However, with increasingly rapid industrialization and urbanization, the purity of water resources is constantly under threat.
A significant contribution to the water contamination process is given by the discharge of chemical products used during cleaning tasks (including professional ones): from hospitals to hotels, from industries to offices, chemicals are used daily to maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene. Although these products effectively remove dirt and kill germs, they often pose a serious threat to aquatic ecosystems and human health.
Therefore, there is an urgent need to develop effective water purification techniques to mitigate the adverse effects of these chemical residues.
Understanding the problem
Products used in professional cleaning include a wide range of chemicals (detergents, disinfectants, solvents and degreasers), designed to decompose organic matter and kill harmful microorganisms. However, once these products are rinsed off, they enter the wastewater stream, eventually reaching rivers, lakes and oceans. Even a small quantity of these substances can negatively interfere with aquatic ecosystems, potentially contaminating drinking water sources.
Challenges in water purification
Purifying water contaminated with chemicals used in professional cleaning poses several challenges. Of course, many chemicals are resistant to conventional methods of water treatment, such as filtration and sedimentation: the diversity of chemical compositions makes it difficult to come up with a universal purification solution. Sustainability, cost-effectiveness and uptake are crucial factors to consider when implementing treatment systems of this type on a large scale.
Ensuring water purity against increased chemical contamination due to professional cleaning activities is an urgent environmental and public health concern. While the challenges are significant, ongoing research and innovation in the world of water purification technology offers hope for effective solutions. By adopting a combination of advanced treatment processes, we can protect our water resources for future generations. Certainly, promoting sustainable cleaning practices and raising awareness of the importance of water conservation are essential steps to creating a cleaner, healthier environment for everyone.
Adiatek solution
The Ozone system developed by Adiatek offers an innovative solution to the challenge of water purification, eliminating the use of chemical products, but guaranteeing high cleaning, brightness, and sanitization performance. Unlike traditional methods that rely on the use of aggressive chemicals for disinfection, our system exploits the natural properties of this gaseous component to purify water effectively. By avoiding the use of chemical disinfectants, on the one hand clean and safe water is guaranteed, on the other the environmental impact and health risks (associated with chemical residues) are minimised. Overall, Adiatek Ozone system offers a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to water purification, contributing to the development of a healthier planet, as well as safer water sources for the Earth's inhabitants.