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Robotic scrubbers: real or ideal need?

The industrial revolution that we are currently living many has introduced automatization in many industries and in all production processes. For a few years now, our professional cleaning industry has introduced likewise many robotic scrubbers.
Adiatek is aware of the importance of keeping up to date with innovation and new technologies. On the other hand, our Company is fully convinced that is very important to help the costumer to choose the right scrubber machine: it must meet the client real needs!
Robotic scrubbers: real or ideal need?

The machine is particularly suitable for…?

In the professional and industrial cleaning sector, the robotic scrubber machine is suitable for those situations in which:
  • It is necessary to clean large spaces: warehouses, industries, museums, and shopping centers.
  • There is just one operator, who must complete many tasks in a short time. While the robotic machine cleans the floors, the user can dedicate himself to different tasks, often more satisfying and value-added activities.
  • Saving time, resources and energy is necessary: in fact, by working in the dark, the robot can work by night.

What are the benefits of using these machines?

The benefits of using robotic scrubbers are undoubtedly different: continuous and efficient productivity, even in physically demanding environments; optimization of cleaning activities; reduced physical stress for the operator, who can dedicate himself to other jobs. Furthermore, since the machine sets the cleaning functions autonomously, it guarantees high cleaning performance, with greater savings, less assistance and a low maintenance is required.

Reasons that lead you to choose a robotic floor cleaning machine:

Anyone who buys and uses a robotic machine obviously has high expectations. Without any doubt, these machines guarantee high quality performance, by reducing cleaning times. A widespread reason that can lead to the use of a robot scrubber is a lower labor cost. In any case, you should also remember that by using robotic machines the risk of operator injuries can decrease (compared to traditional ones). Furthermore, since the machine can work constantly for hours the same floor, it will be cleaner and brighter: in fact, constant and continuous cleaning guarantees a better and long-lasting shine!

Adiatek advice:

For years, Adiatek has been studying, developing, and producing a line of robotic scrubbing machines: R-Quartz (which includes R-Quartz 66, 80 and 70S). Our R&D team, in collaboration with the leading Japanese company in the robotics industry Muratec, is already working on the development of new autonomous-driving models.
Although we strongly believe that automation is a plus and can help and facilitate the work of operators, especially in our industry, Adiatek will always recommend and propose to its retailers the floor scrubber best suited to the customer needs! Thus, we want to guarantee a valid, trustworthy and conscientious consultancy service!