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Cleaning firms

Adiatek's floor-scrubbing machines ensure outstanding standards of cleanliness and cutting-edge hi-tech solutions.

Telematics is a telemetry system developed by Adiatek that will allow you to manage your fleet of floor-scrubbing machines remotely and to reap the benefits of tax relief and direct savings as a result of using these machines.

This device provides workers with information about machine operation and battery levels, as well as establishing a work schedule and providing geolocation data for the machine. In the event of any technical faults affecting the floor-scrubbing machine, Telematics can send the operator notifications by email or text message specifying the kind of alert.

Adiatek floor-scrubbing machines are designed to deliver sturdiness, reliability over time, ease of maintenance and interchangeability of parts for machines in the same family without any need for tools.

The firm pressure applied by the brushes on the floor is associated with a powerful suction process which ensures outstanding performance levels in any conditions and for any floor type.

The Ecogreen 3S and 3SD systems, allow operators to keep close tabs on solution or neat-detergent consumption, leading to direct savings. Thanks to the Ozono system floors can be cleaned without using chemical detergents, which not only allows for financial savings, but also safeguards the environment.