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Large-scale retail trade

For high standards of cleanliness on premises for large-scale retail trade, like shopping arcades or supermarkets, where everything has to be sparkling clean from opening time right up to end-of-day closure.

Adiatek has a range of ride-on and walk-behind floor-scrubbing machines that are perfectly suited to this kind of work.

The QUARTZ and coral models will help operators to move over large surface areas quickly and easily. With ergonomic working positions and a wide washing base, operators only have to pass over once in order to achieve excellent cleaning results on extensive areas. The QUARTZ range in particular has a stand-on ride-on design which allows the operator to get off the machine quickly and easily to pick up any objects in its path or deal with racks or shelving that has been moved out of place. The QUARTZ floor-scrubbing machines were specially built for allowing cleaning operators to hang all the equipment they might need for cleaning shopping centres. An attachment system for brooms at the side or a trolley towing system for professional cleaning are two extra features that can be added.

Click here to see QUARTZ in action inside a shopping centre

Walk-behind floor-scrubbing machines in the ruby, jade or opal versions are particularly suitable for cleaning tight spaces or for finishing work around the edges of shopping centres.

The Ecogreen 3S and 3SD, allow operators to keep close tabs on solution or neat-detergent consumption, leading to direct savings. With the Ozono floors can be cleaned without using chemical detergents, which not only allows for financial savings, but also safeguards the environment.

All the floor-scrubbing machines are available with a silent suction mode, or, in the case of models such as opal 66/80 and QUARTZ 50, they feature a noise-reduction system supplied as standard, allowing operators to clean surfaces during opening hours without disturbing shoppers