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ISSA PULIRE 2023: our experience

Last May, from the 9th to the 11th, we attended the most important exhibition in Italy related to the industrial and professional cleaning applications: ISSA PULIRE 2023.
After the 25 editions that took place in Verona, this year the exhibition moved to Fiera Milano, together with other shows as Tuttofood, Made in Steel and Lamiera, in a more international context.
We want to tell how our ISSA PULIRE 2023 went.

Missions accomplished!

First of all, we are satisfied after reaching all the goals we set: strengthen the relationships with our partners and get in touch with new and foreign realities, to start new collaborations with.
We managed to reach both our targets as the attendance on our stand was constant and intense.
It is safe to say that met people and shook hands until the last hour of the last day of the show.
This is surely very positive, for the exhibition in general, but also as a confirmation of our work on the market and how we are positioning on it and the way the operators see us.
We are going towards the right direction, the one in which we can meet the industry needs with our solutions.

The charm of the demo area

…and we don’t meet only the needs, but also the curiosity of the operators, basing on the success of our demo area at ISSA PULIRE!
Our choice to realize a demo area where testing our R-Quartz, the autonomous scrubber designed for the industrial application, was much appreciated by our visitors.
A live experience that allowed our guests to really operate the machine, interact with its technology and touch with their hands what means integrating the automation with the everyday work.

The robot area, choose by the competitors for their demonstration, did not get the same success. This probably because the visitor remained a spectator actually without being protagonist of the experience. In that area, in fact, only specialized technicians were allowed to operate the robots.

Now we are already projected towards the next exhibition: after this summer, from the 19th to the 22nd of September, we will attend the CMS – Cleaning Management Services show in Berlin.
More information soon!