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Clean—Talk 2024: in the name of sustainability!

Of course, the beginning of the year is the best time to relook the goals and to set lists of new objectives to achieve. In 2024, for Adiatek a priority will be the constant research and attention to sustainability (in a broad sense): environmental, human, social and economic sustainability. Therefore, green and, precisely, sustainable actions and solutions is the fil-rouge that will identify our special program Clean-Talk 2024.
Each month of the year will be dedicated to a particular topic: it will be consistent with the cleaning world, to which we belong, and logically connected to Adiatek-world and solutions.

As usual, the article will be published, both in English and in Italian language, on the specific section of the website, on our social media channels (LinkedIn), on every second and fourth Thursday of the month. In anticipation of our upcoming editorial projects, we will inform you soon about other similar initiatives: thus, we can stay in constant contact with you, and we can keep you posted on our new projects, products and services.

Thanks to this project and, especially, to this main topic (i.e. sustainability) we want to underline how important and possible it is to do our part. We believe that it is crucial to increase our awareness of better and sustainable (but not obvious) solutions in the professional-cleaning industry. This is the reason why, in the final part of the article, you will find an Adiatek product or project that satisfies the need and the situation described in the article. In this way, we will have the opportunity to present you new and feasible solutions, services, products, but also green strategies developed by our team.  

Today, it is essential to examine, to evaluate the impact of our actions (especially in the industry we are part of), and to increase knowledge and awareness of all ways in which we can face global changes. In our own small way, we can contribute to reduce negative and harmful effects on an environmental system, which is already vulnerable and weak.  
We look forward to receiving your feedback on this project and on the topics concerned, but also on the AK-solutions we will suggest you! In fact, according to Adiatek point of view, we want to set a constructive and enriching dialogue with you, readers and industry experts. Thus, we can make our forum and our entire sector too increasingly cohesive and aware of the potential, values and innovations that characterize it.

Thursday 15th February: we invite you to read the first article of the year on our channels and on

Stay tuned, AK?