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“Made Green in Italy” Certification for scrubber machines: promote an italian and sustainable product!

Thanks to RCP written by Afidamp and confirmed by Italian Ministry of Environment: it opens up a new era for all floor scrubber machines suppliers!
During the Webinar on January 23th, Afidamp presented the project and the way in which suppliers can obtain this Environmental Certification for their products.  
What is it?
Made Green in Italy is the first and (only) environmental voluntary Certification for scrubber machines: it is a public and institutional Certification which lasts 3 years. Now it is possible to prove objectively the environmental footprint and impact, throughout the product life cycle.
This certification, as well as the environmental footprint, proves and highlights the Italianess of the product, which is a competitive advantage from a communicative and the commercial point of view.
Who can obtain this Certification?
This certification can be requested only by companies that produce their product entirely in Italy, or companies that carry out the substantial transformation of the floor scrubber in Italy.
Why is it important?
Being up to date with this RCP standard allows to keep up with the market needs and future European laws. Moreover, MGI logo gives value to the product on the market, and it makes italian floor scrubber with good environmental performance recognizable.
Adiatek does its bit:
After this webinar, Adiatek is fully convinced of how important it is to pursue sustainable objectives and practices.
As our customers know, Adiatek has always been committed to concrete actions to maintain high attention towards sustainability in a broad and environmental sense, including:
- Recyclable components.
- Low environmental impact of the supply chain.
- Sustainable packaging in fully recyclable and reusable materials.

Furthermore, for years Adiatek has been studying and developing strategies to reduce environmental impact; among our Eco-green practices it is worth mentioning:
- The 3S and 3SD system: avoid wasting water and limit the use of detergent, reducing water pollution.
- The Ozone system: for more than ten years Adiatek has used ozone to limit the use of detergents and the consequent dispersion of the latter's particles in various sectors. Thanks to the perfect mix of experience and innovation, our team has created a system whereby the combination of H2O and O3 on the ground takes place directly inside the water outlet pipe, sanitizing the brush and limiting the dispersion of O3 in the environment: this system, studied and created by our R&D team, has obtained the European invention patent (EP 3 903 657 B1).
Without any doubt, Adiatek will continue to pursue its path towards a more sustainable future, by taking concrete actions, studying and proposing increasingly better and innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impact in its sector.