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Thanks to the telemetry system you find the perfect floor cleaning machine!

Sometimes it is really hard to decide which floor cleaning machine is right for you.
Due to the number of different machines on the market and due to the new and several modes of operation, it is quite difficult to understand which is the machine that can adapt to the context and respond to your needs.
In this case, technology can help us even though people have different approaches to automation and robotics sometimes: curiosity and interest on one hand, doubt and worry on the other. Nevertheless, in our field, it might be good that the buyer does not rely on impressions and personal emotion when at the time of choosing the correct machine. Indeed, you should base your choice on your real needs and a careful analysis of specific data. It is increasingly useful and important to rely on data in order to find the right machine for the right context, responding to the required cleaning needs.
Thanks to the telemetry system you find the perfect floor cleaning machine!
According to this idea and in order to underline how important and useful is the use of telemetry to us in terms of choosing the correct model of machine, we tell you about our client’s experience. Thanks to the careful analysis and interpretation of Telematics data, our customer has found the machine which meets his needs. Consequently, he has achieved better results in terms of cleanness and employee work quality and performance.
It is precisely our telemetry system on the client’s floor cleaning machine that helped us to understand how to improve cleaning services. According to Telematics data analysis and in order to respond to the client’s request, the best option we could suggest was an autonomous driving floor cleaning machine.

Context and customer needs:

• 3000 m2 of marble: the floor, inside a shopping gallery of a railway station, to be cleaned of dirt and trampling marks.
• 3 hours: time at operator disposal to clean the floor and complete other cleaning tasks (such as cleaning bathrooms and chairs, emptying trash bins, etc.) which do not involve the use of the floor cleaning machine.

Data collection and results achieved thanks to telemetry:

According to Telematics already installed on the customer's floor cleaning machine, i.e. Sapphire 85 (ride-on scrubber, 85 cm cleaning width), only one hour and half was dedicated for the actual cleaning of the floor. Furthermore, the data collected by our telemetry system suggested us that the floor could have been efficiently and effectively cleaned with an autonomous machine.

Automation can improve your work performance:

Consequently, after having analysed the data collection from our Telematics system, Sapphire 85 has been replaced by the R-Quartz 80. Now, thanks to the autonomous Adiatek machine, the time dedicated to clean the floor has increased (up to two and a half hours of work out of the three available for all cleaning activities), guaranteeing an improvement in the quality of cleaning. In this way, while R-Quartz 80 works independently, the operator dedicates the right time and attention to all the other cleaning tasks.
Thanks to the telemetry system you find the perfect floor cleaning machine!

Improvements achieved:

To sum up, thanks to our telemetry system we have achieved many results including:
- Higher level of cleanliness
- Reduction of work overload on the operator: he/she can dedicate more time to other cleaning activities in parallel to the floor washing.
- Saving water thanks to R-Quartz floor cleaning machine.
Considering these data and our customer experience, it is clear that, in order to make the right decision (in terms of washer-dryers), it would be a good idea to combine our intuitive thinking with information supplied by technology. In this way, by exploiting a synergistic and virtuous system that brings together autonomous driving, operator, telemetry, and green systems, we can achieve greater and precious efficiency of which we should take advantage!