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Pulire 2017


Last year Adiatek optimized the communication with the public both renewing its website and implementing a new reserved area inside it dedicated to its customer’s needs. Thanks to this instrument access to the information regarding the machines and all the news bounded to the Adiatek world is much easier, introducing a new and important way of communication with the customers. In fact they can now accede the technical and informative material from everywhere they are in an independent and most of all immediate way.
Directly from our website you can easily reach the new official Adiatek’s YouTube channel, which is constantly updated with new videos regarding the products and their maintenance as well as with shootings and demonstrations took at the various exhibitions like the one about the new Quartz scrubber took at the ISSA Interclean in Amsterdam.
While the actual main focus of Adiatek is the communication with the public, the future of the company is called Telematics.
According to the recent innovations and the continuous research to satisfy the customer’s needs, Adiatek is developing a system able to significantly ease the assistance from both its technical assistance department and from its deep network of dealers all over the world.
The electronic part together with its web interface grants an updated and clear view of what is the scrubber’s situation, allowing an easy communication with operators in charge of the maintenance in order to speed up the technical assistance. This system indeed shows the situation regarding the battery status, the machine operations and most of all the diagnostic about any malfunctions. Also it reports the alarms just as they are showed on the machine’s display and grants a constant GPS localization which allows to know any time where the machine is; this is an important and highly requested function especially by the companies operating in the professional cleaning industry that have their machines working in several areas at the same time.
Adiatek clearly knows its targets and, keeping up with the new technologies, already starts to reach its goals.

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