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Adiatek's washing-brushing floor scrubber range perfectly meets the requirements of anyone who has to deal with cleaning operations in the logistics sector.

Ideal for smooth cleaning operations in places like shipping warehouses, railway stations, ports and airports, washing-brushing floor scrubbers do not just clean the floor, they also pick up small particles of dirt which are collected in a recovery box that can be easily emptied once the cleaning session is over.

The traditional QUARTZ range of floor-scrubbing machines is particularly suited to the logistics sector. With a ride-on stand-on design, it gives the operator all-round visibility, allowing him/her to get off the machine quickly to move objects out of its path or put racks or shelves back into their original position.

Easy maintenance and interchangeability of parts between models from the same family without any need for special tools means that routine maintenance can be effortlessly carried out even by non-specialised staff members.

The sturdiness of the machines and their ergonomic structure aimed at operator comfort make this floor scrubber just the right choice for large surface areas.
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