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Public sector

Working in public areas like schools, offices and libraries requires floor-scrubbing machines that ensure both outstanding levels of cleanliness and immense ease of use.

Adiatek has a range of floor-scrubbing machines that are easy to maintain while providing sustained superior performance.

The baby and ruby models are particularly suited to this kind of environment. The compact design, which makes them easy to manoeuvre, is belied by an extremely capacious water tank (up to 40l for ruby), while the lithium batteries ensure a continuous runtime of about two hours.

Lithium batteries charge quickly in about 2/3 hours, unlike traditional batteries which can take as much as 8 hours. The baby plus Li floor-scrubbing machine allows operators to recharge the machine while they keep on cleaning with a 18-m charging cable supplied with the product.

The height of the baby floor-scrubbing machines and the 180° rotation of the baby 43 makes for effortless cleaning underneath tables and in small corners.

Easy maintenance and interchangeability of parts between machines from the same family without any need for special tools means that routine maintenance can be effortlessly carried out even by non-specialised staff members