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Why Lithium?


To major benefit of the Lithium ions batteries is given by their efficiency. With the same volume of the “traditional” batteries, like the lead ones, they can provide a higher quantity of energy.
Simply put, they are smaller, lighter, can provide more energy and are way more difficult to be damaged due to incorrect charges.

Maintenance of a Lithium battery

If the battery charge is over 40%, the batteries can be left discharged for long periods of time as they do not suffer self-discharge.
In addition to that, they can be partially discharge without the risk to damage them after a long period of not being used or maintained.
Furthermore, the Lithium battery ensures about 1000 complete cycles.
Our Lithium batteries are equipped with a waterproof stainless-steel case that protects them from water and outer elements.
An additional improvement is represented by the presence of a BMS, which protects the battery from short circuits, overcharges and undercharges.