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AC technology


AC Tecnology

Starting from the second half of 2017, Adiatek introduced the AC technology on the traction wheel of its diamond machines.
A big step forward was made, speaking of performances and maintenance, compared to the traction wheel assembled until now.
What is the difference?
In the first version the system is equipped with a classic direct current motor (DC); the motion is granted by the creation of a magnetic field generated by the current flow transmitted by the carbon brushes.
In the AC motor the current keeps changing its path in the windings, allowing the generation of a rotating magnetic field and the consequential motion without the help from the carbon brushes.
Which are the advantages?
The main advantage is on the maintenance: not having the carbon brushes solves the issue given by their consumption and their periodic replacement.
Without the carbon brushes are solved also the issues related to the generation of electric arches between them and also the overheating.
It is not to overlook also the decreasing of the bearing breakages related to the carbon brushes wear dust.
All contributes to increase the lifespan of the motor.
The double check (voltage and frequency) given by the use of the inverter, grants an efficiency improvement parallel to a consequent decrease on the current consumption.
If the double check allows to dose the power and the rpm depending on the need, and so improving the performances when starting and driving over ramps, on the other hand the lower current consumption ensures a longer battery autonomy.
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