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Work Station

Optimizing the work periods of your own staff becomes a demand that is needed more and more, by the companies active in the Cleaning sector. It is exactly to meet their needs, who operates in airports and/or big malls, that Adiatek thought about providing it QUARTZ scrubber with the possibility to assemble a hook to carry a trolley for brooms and tools. There will be then the need for just one operator, who can move from an area to another in a quick, safe and comfortable way. During the shifts, when cleaning the bathrooms, the trash bins and the cleaning of the common areas, the operator will be able to keep cleaning the environment with our scrubber.
To assemble the Adiatek kit to the machine is very easy and it does not require any modification.  
If the machine is also equipped with ozone generator (optional), it is also possible to sanitize in addition to the simple cleaning.

QUARTZ is designed to clean large areas and its “stand up” drive makes it perfect for this kind of jobs.
The design, represented by the elegant shapes, made this model worthy of being included in the ADI Index 2017, making it ideal to work even on the day time and so a design element even for the environment in which it operates.