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TELEMATICS is a system that allows to know the machine operation through any electronic device, in real time.
Thanks to the Calendar and the Geolocation it is possible to know if the machine is working in the areas and during the time slots that were previously set. 
It has to be specified that TELEMATICS is not a theft protection system.


  • Being informed on the machine status 24/7.
  • Reducing the intervention times and plan a targeted assistance.
  • Having a planned maintenance program and manage large fleets of machines.
  • Monitoring the work quality in real time.
  • Getting instant information about the machine (serial number, consumptions, software).
  • Targeted price quotations for the rent costs (working hours, consumables).
  • Planning the working hours of the machine.
  • Maintainers planned coordination.

Its tools esclusive

GPS monitoring
By drawing a working area it is possible to know if the machine is working inside the delimited space.

Setting the Calendar
Thanks to a quick and simple calendar tool it is possible to set the working time slots in which the machine is allowed to operate
Immediate notifications
When something happens you will be promptly warned

TELEMATICS will immediately warn you when:
  • the work time slots are not observed,
  • the machine works outside the limits we set on the map,
  • an alarm or a fault occurs.

Such notifcations can be received via SMS or MAIL services

Monitor, whenever you want your machines current consumptions
TELEMATICS transmits real time all the informations regarding the machines so you will not have, for example, to use tools in order to discover the motors consumptions.

The models compatible

TELEMATICS is currently available on all Ride-on models.