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3SD - Solution Saving System Dispense

3SD - Solution Saving System Dispense
The system is made of a double hydraulic circuit, for the water and the detergent. Six different percentage settings can be choosen for the detergent, which is kept costant no matter what the water carriage is. The water flow can be adjusted on eight different values and it is always provided depending on the machine speed. The liters/ m2 ratio is then always constant.

Compatible models

Compatible models
The 3SD system is suitable for the following models
  • quartz 50
  • quartz 66 / 80
  • coral 65m / 65II / 85
  • coral 70s
  • sapphire 85
  • sapphire 70s
  • topaz 90
  • topaz 85s

The 3SD system is a standard equipment on:
  • ruby 48bh 3SD