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The Ozone System

The scrubbers equipped with the Ozone System (O3) are able to sanitize without the use of chemicals, when an additional disinfection is needed.
This feature makes possible for the “Chem-Less” range of machines to be particularly suited for enviroments where it is not only needed to “see” the cleanliness but where the disinfection is a necessity.

What is the Ozone?
Ozone is a chemical compound from 3 oxygen atoms O3. Ozone is known to the general public for its presence in the stratosphere limiting the sun’s UV-radiation. 
What is less known is that ozone is an oxidant and also a very powerful disinfectant.

The traditional application:
  • Disinfection of water (swimming pools, aquaria).
  • Disinfection of food shelving and frozen sections.
  • Disinfection of packaging.
  • Disinfection of linen reduces the use of chemicals in the laundry soap.
  • Disinfection of the skin (hands…).

The production of Ozone:
Our generators make it possible to obtain a level of red-ox of 750mV and more. 
The decontamination action is effective above 600mV.

The advantages:
  • The ozone generator does not require any chemicals: No polluted dirt water; No packaging;
  • The O3-system can be operated on a wide range of pH values.
  • The ozonated water poured on the brushes makes them always clean and sanitized.

The result: 
We have carried out a number of tests in a specialized laboratory confirming the effectiveness of the O3-System for disinfection (bactericide, anti-germ).
We reach this effectiveness not only when using the machine but also afterwards.
Bacteria and germs develop at a much slower rate in the hours following the treatment.

Compatible models
The Ozone System is suitable with all the Adiatek models except for the baby family ones.

The Adiatek Ozone system how it works

The Ozone generator is placed in a box (1) fixed on the rear part of the machine, from which the Ozone gas is emitted..
Simultaneously, water is provided from the solution tank through a hose (2) that goes to the mixer; from now on water and ozone are mixed and through the hose (3) are poured on the brushes.
Ozone mixes with the water “instantly” then the generator produces ozone only when it is needed, so when the solution is poured on the brushes. When the machine stops also the ozone production stops, thus avoiding the ozone leakage in the environment.
The Ozone System

What are the safety rules

The normatives are all related to the guidelines given by the World Health Organization. The European regulations report the WHO ones without any modification.
The Italian regulations add some parameters of time to the ones already pointed by the European and Worldwide regulations.
The Adiatek Ozone system is safe!
The instant production is 50 μ g/m3
The Ozone System