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3S - Solution Saving System

3S - Solution Saving System
It is the device developed to optimize the water and detergent consumption.
The 3S system keeps a constant minimum detergent solution flow, properly set by an expert serviceman and designed for an optimal cleaning, no matter what operating capacities the operator requires from the scrubber.
3S - Solution Saving System
Compatible models
The 3S system is suitable for the following models:
  • ruby 50 / 50t
  • ruby 55 / 55t
  • jade 50 / 55 / 66
  • jade 55c
  • jade 50 orbital
  • opal 66 / 80
  • quartz 50
  • quartz 66 / 80
  • diamond 100p AC
  • diamond 130
  • diamond 100s

The 3S system is a standard equipment on:
  • topaz 90
  • topaz 85s


The 3S and 3SD allow our machines to ensure a precise water consumption value as the flow rate changes depending on the machine speed.
We made some tests in order to determine the total surface cleaned using a single full tank.
The water carriage depends on the speed of the machine.