baby 43

baby 43
Theoretical working capacity: 1500 m2/h
The great tank capacity added to the reduced external dimensions allows to have a machine that has both a big working autonomy and the possibility to work also in very small environments.
It can be equipped with


Walk behind machine without traction Walk behind machine without traction
Power supply 24V/34Ah Power supply 24V/34Ah
Cleaning width 430mm Cleaning width 430mm
Brushes pressure 35kg Brushes pressure 35kg
Battery autonomy 75min Battery autonomy 75min
Solution tank / recovery tank 23/23l Solution tank / recovery tank 23/23l
Disc brush 1x430mm Disc brush 1x430mm
Brushes speed 150rpm Brushes speed 150rpm
The large tanks capacity mixed with the small machine dimensions allows the machine to work in small environments with a long lasting work autonomy. The recovery tank can be drained using the special drain hose.

The distinctive element is the squeegee which is indeed provided with a system that allows the complete right and left rotation, allowing the operator to colect water even moving backwards.

The handlebar height can be adjusted and it is possibile to bend it completely for an easy transport of the machine. In that position even every maintenance intervention on the brush or on the squeegee will be significantly easier.

- Squeegee width: 510 mm
- Brushes motor: 450 Watt
- Motion system: semiautomatic
- Maximum gradient: 2%
- Suction motor: 300 Watt
- Suction vacuum: 82 mbar
- Machine dimensions: L: 793 mm
  W: 480 mm
  H: 600 mm
- Machine weight (with battery): 86.5 kg
- Battery compartment: L: 207 mm
  W: 346 mm
  H: 210 mm
- Class: I
- Protection level: IP 23
- Loudness: <70 dB (A)

Baby 43 scrubber, 360° squeegee rotation patent

In 2013 Adiatek designed and assembled the Baby 43 machine and in 2015 got the patent that the company requested for the rotating squeegee.

Adiatek patented the originality of the squeegee rotation that can be moved in front of the brush in order to dry the floor even going backwards.This rotation can be operated without the help of an external instrumentation.

The Baby 43 machine got patented also for the squeegee lifting system that works through an equipment completely external from the squeegee.

As it can be seen from the picture, the lifting of the squeegee can be summarized in two simple stages:
  1. Side movement of the squeegee respectively to the moving.
  2. Sirection backwards moving until a complete rotation of the squeegee has been made.

Quick guide

There you can download the machine’s quick guide.
We always recommend to read the complete Use&Maintenance manual.
Quick guide


Use & Maintenance manual

There you can download the Use & Maintenance manual.
Use & Maintenance

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