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Floor cleaning machines for oil stained floors

International fast-food chain that works in different countries all over the world. Our floor cleaning machine suitable for the drying of floor with oil stains wa studied specifically for Germany.

This German customer needed a machine to clean the cooking area of the fast food, an area that featured a high presence of oil on the floor.

Project realized
Adiatek's Search and Development Staff has then designed the walk-behind Baby43 machine, characterized by the assembling of a polyurethane rubbers on the squeegee.

Standard machine have the Para rubbers assembled but this kind of rubber is not compatible with floors with a large presence of oil.

Polyurethane rubbers allow a higher stabilty of the machine and so a deeper and efficient cleaning of the oily sufarces.

The Baby43 machines feature small dimensions and the presence of a 360° rotating squeegee, optimal features for the cleaning of very small areas.
The Baby43 machine equipped with polyurethane rubbers is perfect for the drying of this type of floors and is recommended for all the companies that need to work on very oily floor like workshops and canning companies.

Advantages obtained
Adiatek met the need of the German customer which now can have a fast and professional cleaning inside the kitchens of its fast foods.