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Jade, a specific machine for the agricultural and food industry

An important Italian customer from the food industry.

The customer needed a walk.behind machine with traction and a high resistance of the parts that compose it (paints, galvanized parts, etc.)
The spaces in the food industries are in fact are characterized with floors that have a high presence of oxidizing aggressive substances.

Project realized
Adiatek Research and Development department have then designed a walk-behind machine with traction suitable for a work in such aggressive conditions.
The engineers involved in this project have studied and woked on the increasing of the strength of the painted, galvanized and aluminium parts.
The customized machine model choosen was the Jade one, in which the painting was doubled and we opted for the aseembling of chromed instead of galvanized parts, the aluminium parts were anodized.

Advantages obtained
the walk-behind traction machine now is oxidation resistant. The customer was also guaranteed with a high level of customization without using stainless steel parts that would have rised the production costs of the machine.