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Healthcare sector

Adiatek's range of walk-behind floor-scrubbing machines and its nifty QUARTZ 50 are the best solutions for healthcare work at hospitals and Residential Care Facilities.

With a compact design, these floor scrubbers will fit neatly into lifts, allowing cleaning staff to move easily from floor to floor and put them away in small spaces until the next time.

All the machines can be upgraded with a silent suction mode, or users can benefit from a noise-reduction system which is supplied as standard on models like opal 66/80 and QUARTZ 50. This means that operators can clean wards or living areas without disturbing patients or residents.

All of Adiatek's floor scrubbers are compatible with the ozone system, which is the best solution for floor surfaces which do not only need to be sparkling, but sanitised as well.

Furthermore, the 3SD system (Solution Saving System Dispenser) can be installed on the ruby 48bh 3SD and QUARTZ 50 models. The 3SD-equipped floor-scrubbing machines come with two separate tanks - one for clean water and the other for detergent.
This allows the operator to change the floor-treatment product without any wasteful changes of clean water and detergent.

Ruby 48bh 3SD and QUARTZ 50 are on the cutting edge of floor-scrubber technology for the healthcare sector because they can be fitted with an ozone and with a 3SD system at the same time. Indeed, they can alternate the two systems while they are being used, depending on the kind of treatment required and the area that needs to be cleaned. Ozone helps to remove any dirt from the brush before the floor is sanitised. This means that operators can use the same machine for different areas without the need to stop working in order to change the brush before moving to another area.

All the tanks for Adiatek's floor-scrubbing machines have easy access for inspection, which allows for thorough cleaning. This not only facilitates regular machine maintenance, but also prevents the formation of unpleasant smells caused by an accumulation of dirty liquid.
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