jade 55c / 55ct

jade 55c / 55ct
Theoretical working capacity: 2475 m2/h
jade 55c is characterized by two cylindrical brushes turning in the same direction which scrub the floor and contemporarily give the traction to the machine.
It can be equipped with


Walk behind machine with or without traction Walk behind machine with or without traction
Power supply 24V/180Ah Power supply 24V/180Ah
Cleaning width 530mm Cleaning width 530mm
Brushes pressure adjustable max.32kg Brushes pressure adjustable max.32kg
Battery autonomy 3-5h Battery autonomy 3-5h
Solution tank / recovery tank 53/56l Solution tank / recovery tank 53/56l
Cylindrical brushes 2x105mm Cylindrical brushes 2x105mm
Brushes speed 900rpm Brushes speed 900rpm
This machine version has two rotating cylindrical brushes that help also the machine for the traction.

This scrubber is particularly indicated for all the small environments, for all the situations of fast maintenance cleaning and for floors with large joints.

Brushes are very easy to maintain and it is the best compromise between high quality and a convenient price.

- Squeegee width: 850 mm
- Brushes motor: 550 Watt
- Motion system:               55c
- Maximum gradient: 10%
- Suction motor: 400 Watt
- Suction vacuum: 120 mbar
- Machine dimensions: L: 1280 mm
W: 618 mm
H: 1103 mm
- Machine weight w/o battery: 100/111 kg
- Traction motor:              55ct 180 Watt
- Movement speed:         55ct 3.2-4.5 km/h
- Battery compartment: L: 405 mm
W: 390 mm
H: 399 mm
- Class: III
- Protection level: IP 23
- Loudness: <70 dB (A)

Quick guide

There you can download the machine’s quick guide.
We always recommend to read the complete Use&Maintenance manual.
jade 55c/55ct_IT quick guide

jade 55c/55ct_EN quick guide

jade 55c/55ct_F quick guide

jade 55c/55ct_D quick guide

jade 55c/55ct_E quick guide


Use & Maintenance manual

There you can download the Use & Maintenance manual.

Jade 55c
Use & Maintenance manual

jade 55ct
Use & Maintenance manual

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